Mannochmore 1988 28 years old whisky-fassle

Mannochmore 1988 28 Years Old (Whisky-Fässle)

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with Mannochmore, although I do have fond memories of one of their whiskies in particular. But this Mannochmore 1988 28 Years Old from Whisky-Fässle is nothing like that, because it has matured in an ex-bourbon hogshead.

You might think otherwise because of the alcohol percentage, but this is actually bottled at cask strength.

Mannochmore 1988 28 Years Old (46%, Whisky-Fässle)

Nose: Elegant and fruity at first. Kiwi and pineapple, a hint of tangerine and love hearts (the candy) too. A touch of wet moss and a whiff of glue. It has a faint copper coin aroma I don’t really care for, but it disappeared after I let it breathe some more. All in all this noses very well.
Taste: Oh, I like this! Big on the lemon, with a touch of grapefruit. But because of the presence of plenty of spices this is not classically fruity. Some mustard seed an cinnamon. Finally some green veggies. Brocolli maybe.
Finish: Medium in length. Continues down the vegetable path, although shows some sweetness too.

Rating: 87

This Mannochmore has a quite distinguishing profile and, more importantly, also is pretty delicious.

Sample provided by Whisky-Fässle

Photo: Whiskybase

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