Macallan 1974 21 years old cadenhead

Macallan 1974 21 Years Old (Cadenhead)

When tasting only high-end, awesome whisky, there’s one distillery that has to be included. And that’s Macallan. Luckily I still had a sample lying around of some old-school distillate, a Macallan 1974 from Cadenhead, one that has matured for a total of 21 years in a sherry cask.

So this is a whisky from way back when Macallan was still the pinnacle of sherried whiskies. Bottled by Cadenhead no less, my favourite independent bottler. There’s really only a very small chance this will disappoint me. There’s a much bigger chance it will be pretty much epic.

Macallan 1974 21 Years Old (53,6%, Cadenhead, Rossi & Rossi)

Nose: Well fuck me. What’s there to say? Classic old sherried character. Not overwhelming, but a sherry bomb nonetheless. Brown sugar, dusty old books, polished leather and very important (to me at least), a nice touch of soy. Some slightly sour red grapes, accompanied by dates and raisins, as well as milk chocolate and marzipan.
Taste: Some nice sweet cherry syrup. Syrup-y mouthfeel as well, very juicy. More brown sugar, prunes and armagnac. Blackberry jam, as well pralines. Add to that some mocha and latte macchiato. Slightly drying and a hint of menthol there as well.
Finish: More of the same. Long and dry.

Rating: 92

This is so good, it becomes almost boring. And annoying. Because you know, why can’t I always drink whisky like this? 😛

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