macallan 1965 signatory vintage C#1053

Macallan 1965/1994 Signatory Vintage

Sometimes the opportunity arises to taste something very special. One such opportunity came along late last year when whisky friend Erik decided it was time to open his dumpy bottle of 1960’s Macallan from Signatory Vintage. I jumped on the chance to participate in the impromptu bottle share, and not long after I received my 6cl sample. The rest, as they say, is history.

Macallan 1965/1994 (50,8%, Signatory Vintage, C#1053)

Nose: This has everything you’d want in a sherried whisky. A nice and dirty sherried whisky, I might add. There is the (dried) red fruit, raisins and cherry syrup. You’ll also find damp wood, wet leaves, forest soil and varnish. Then the coffee notes enter, accompanied by tobacco, peanut shells and soy. And let’s not forget the herbs and spices: mint, coriander and cloves. Finally, there’s a bit of sulphur (the good kind) and the tiniest hint of peat smoke. Drinking really isn’t necessary, nosing this whisky is extremely rewarding. But hey, who are we kidding 🙂 Let’s taste!
Taste: So rich and full of flavor! Spicy at first with black pepper and cloves again. Then coffee powder, cigar tobacco, leather and lacquer, with again a hint of peat. A lot of dried fruit, berries, raspberry and other forest fruits. And let’s not forget the lovely dark chocolate and cocoa. Wonderfully balanced and extremely smooth.
Finish: Chocolate, raspberry, sweet candy, aniseed and subtle peat. In the end some lovely wood smoke. Lingers for a very, very long time.

I don't really have a lot more to add, except this: if you ever get the chance to taste old Macallan, just do it! This is the best whisky I've tasted so far, just edging out the Glenfarclas 40 and Brora 30yo (2010). Erik, you don't happen to have some other brilliant whisky lying around? 😀

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