lord elcho 15 years old blended scotch wemyss malts

Lord Elcho 15 Years Old Blended Scotch (Wemyss Malts)

Years ago I reviewed the NAS version of Lord Elcho, a blended Scotch whisky made by Wemyss Malts, an independent bottlers and owners of Kingsbarns Distillery. This age stated version is a very respectable 15-years old, and has a high malt whisky content of 40 percent.

Lord Elcho 15 Years Old Blended Scotch (40%, Wemyss Malts)

Nose: Sweet and malty with a touch of charred oak. Cereal husks, honey, sweet orange juice and whispers of fudge and butterscotch. A whiff of zesty lemon cuts through the sweetness.
Taste: Pretty creamy, even at this low abv. A nice subtle, chocolate-y arrival, with hints of raisins and a mild spiciness. Some shy notes of orchard fruits, followed by some bitter oak flavours.
Finish: Lingering bitterness with a sweet touch of slightly burnt caramel. Short.

Score: 83

Comparing my notes to that of its younger sibling, it seems to be somewhat similar. I think it’s only fair to give it a similar score then. Good stuff.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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