Longrow peated

Longrow Peated (2013)

Longrow is one of the three malt whiskies coming from Springbank Distillery, the other two being Hazelburn and (of course) Springbank. The Longrow whiskies are the most heavily peated of the three, with the Peated being the cheapest expression available. You shouldn’t have trouble finding this for around 40 euro.

Longrow Peated (46%, OB, +/- 2013)

Nose: Fresh peat and sauerkraut. Creamy and buttery, and something zesty is also going on. Loads of bananas, giving it a nice tropical edge.
Taste: Pretty raw, but the palate also brings you butter, vanilla and caramel, all coated by a layer of peat and a pinch of black pepper. Some salt and lemon too.
Finish: Wood smoke and brine.

Rating: 86

Raw and smooth at the same time. The peat isn’t overpowering. There’s fruit too. Not much more you can ask for, especially at this price.

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