longmorn 1993 23 years old swms 7.160

Longmorn 1993 23 Years Old SMWS 7.160

Granted, I’ve never been a member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, as I just never really understood why I should pay for the privilege to buy whisky. And maybe a little while ago there was something to be said for an SMWS membership, when single cask whisky was rare. But nowadays we’re spoiled for choice.

That being said, I’ve previously immensely enjoyed SMWS bottlings. Especially the older, more mature refill-bourbon offerings they have. Although this dirty, sherry matured Bowmore also hit the right spot. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is: the SMWS bottles good whisky, I just don’t want to be a member. Not that you should care about that.

Ugh, let’s just move on. Here are my tasting notes for the…

Longmorn 1993 23 Years Old (55,5%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, C#7.160)

Nose: Quite nutty to start, with almonds and hazelnuts, but there’s lovely floral notes and soft fruits here as well. Think green apple and pear skin. Hints of straw, as well as subtle spices, wet rocks and feint beeswax. Finally settling into a sweeter zone, with honey and vanilla. Very agreeable.
Taste: Accessible, but then it becomes bigger. Oily and sweet with gentle orchard fruits and mandarins, before spices take over. Nutmeg and white pepper, mainly.
Finish: The fruit takes over again, making for a friendly and pleasant finale.

Rating: 87

Proper, mature, refill bourbon whisky, leaving enough room for the spirit to shine, but not without a decent influence from the cask. Thumbs up.

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