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Lochside 1981 28 Years (Blackadder)

Quite possibly the oldest sample from my collection. I must’ve had this Lochside 1981 28 Years from Blackadder for about a decade. Maybe even more. It was a generous sample, shared once upon a time by Sjoerd from MaltFascination. His original review is from December 2010 (!) when he still blogged in Dutch.

A few weeks ago a friend dropped by for an evening of decadent whisky drinking. He brought some downright filthy samples, including a Port Ellen Rare Malts and Strathisla 1963 from Gordon & MacPhail. One of my contributions was this Lochside. It was a large sample, so there were a few centilitres left, allowing me to write this review.

The year 1981 is generally viewed as a top vintage for Lochside. Bottlings that I’ve tried were next-level fruity, without exception. I’ve only reviewed one Lochside 1981 on Words of Whisky, not coincidentally a vatting of sister casks of today’s Blackadder.

lochside 1981 28 years blackadder 617

Lochside 1981 28 Years (56%, Blackadder, C#617)

Nose: Deceptively fruity and somewhat floral with some interesting spicy notes. Hints of apricots, lemons, stewed apples and tangerines, as well as a touch of lilies and grapefruit. A veneer of cereal adds a dimension beyond the vibrant fruitiness.
Taste: Attack of the fruits. Lemons, grapefruit. Very much what I expected. And the mouthfeel is nicely oily too. There’s a subtle spicy edge, mainly led by white pepper, as well as a touch of fennel seeds.
Finish: Long with a sliver of grass and lingering fruits. Finally just a drop of cough syrup.

Fruity malt whisky of the kind that's become rare nowadays. Heck, it might've even been rare back when. Although this Lochside's complexity could be higher, this type of vibrancy is right up my alley.

Photo: Passionforwhisky.com

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