Littlemill 1991:2012 CWC #557 (featured)

Littlemill 1991/2012 Creative Whisky Company

There seems to be a bit of a theme going on, because I’m going to take care of yet another travesty. Yesterday I finally posted my first tasting notes on a Clynelish. Today you’ll be reading my thoughts on a Littlemill. About time I posted some notes on a whisky from this famed Lowlander, since I was the one comparing it to Port Ellen.

Littlemill 1991:2012 CWC #557

Littlemill 1991/2012 (48,9%, Creative Whisky Company, 275 bts, C# 557)

Nose: Some coconut shavings and marzipan. It’s very grassy (wet) and there’s also some pineapple, mint, grapefruit and citrus. What a lovely fresh nose!
Taste: There’s a bit of an off-note, but I like it. It’s malty, there’s some mango and again some mint and citrus. A waxy mouthfeel and packed with fruity flavours.
Finish: Long and complex with some bitter wood, citrus, nuts and some orange.

Rating: 89

Me likey! This is exactly why I love Littlemill. One the hand I’m happy I’ve only finished about one third of this bottle. On the other hand I look forward to emptying it.

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