Littlemill 1990 2010 Douglas of Drumlanrig

Littlemill 1991/2010 Douglas of Drumlanrig

This might’ve been the first Littlemill I ever bought, although I’m not sure of it. It is one of the first anyway. The bottle was emptied a long time ago, but I set aside a sample for reviewing purposes. There were only 36 bottles of this Littlemill. Another part of this cask was bottled at a much lower strength of 46 percent abv.

Littlemill 1991/2010 (53,1%, Douglas of Drumlanrig, C# LD6601)

Nose: Very fresh with soft fruits. Apples and pears. There’s lemon here too and some ozone as well. A hint of wet cardboard. All very subtle, maybe even a bit too much so.
Taste: Lots and lots of pink grapefruit with a pinch of white pepper. The apples and pears make an encore. A tad oak-y.
Finish: Oak, grapefruit. Fairly long.

Rating: 84

Certainly one of the lesser Littlemill bottlings I’ve tasted. Not as balanced as I’d like. Pretty good still, but pales in comparison to some of the better Littlemills out there.


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