littlemill 1990 2014 maltbarn

Littlemill 1990/2014 Maltbarn

It’s been almost four months since I last reviewed a Littlemill, so I think it’s about time I turn my attention to a highly praised expression from Maltbarn. Botlled about a year and a half ago, this expression from 1990 quickly sold out. Mind you, this was when you could still buy good Littlemill for less then a 150 euro. Those days are long gone. Wait… I’ll stop myself before I complain too much about current prices. Let’s continue with some tasting notes.

Littlemill 1990/2014 (50,6%, Maltbarn, 158 bts.)

Nose: Citrus fruits and stone fruits. Lemon and grapefruit at first, but then peach, nectarine and cherry. Some melted butter and candle wax. Also wet cardboard, which I find to be typical for Littlemill.
Taste: Really fruity. Passion fruit, pink grapefruit, lemon peel. A slight buttery, vanilla taste as well. Touches of oak and straw, with some bitterness as well.
Finish: Fruity (pears), but some green tea as well. Medium to long.

Rating: 89

Certainly a very good Littlemill. On the fruitier side of the Littlemill-spectrum. Although I can’t say this one really stands out for me among all the other Littlemill releases from that time period.

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