Littlemill 1990 2013 Whiskybase

Littlemill 1990/2013 Whiskybase ‘40.000 Bottles On The Wall’

Whiskybase is closing in on 70.000 bottles in their database. Every time they reach another milestone, they release a new bottling. They’ve previously celebrated with a new Laphroaig, Ben Nevis and Burnside, for example. When they reached 40.000 bottles back in 2013, this Littlemill was released for the incredibly reasonable price of 70 euro (Menno, CJ, please correct me if I’m wrong).

Littlemill 1990/2013 (56,0%, Whiskybase, C#34)

Nose: Fruity and sweet with orange flavoured candy, lemon zest and soft melon aromas. Some vanilla and almonds. In the background a hint of wet cardboard, which I find to be signature Littlemill.
Taste: Citrus fruits galore, with pink grapefruit at the forefront, followed by bitter lemon. There’s also some  vanilla and (green) tea in there, as well as a hint of chili pepper and cinnamon.
Finish: Mellow spices, grapefruit and melon. Good length.

Rating: 89

With a little more balance on the palate, this would’ve scored 90 points in my book. But even still this is an excellent Littlemill.

Photo: Whiskybase

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