littlemill 1989 2014 TWA

Littlemill 1989/2014 The Whisky Agency

A lot has been said about Littlemill, I even called it the new Port Ellen a while ago. Only time will tell if there’s any truth in that, but for now we can safely say the whisky from this closed distillery is highly sought after. New releases sell out almost instantly. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting quite a lot of Littlemill already. Almost all of the recent releases are consistently good, with some being excellent even. Let’s see how this this Littlemill from The Whisky Agency fares. It is part of their Liquid Library-series, and had a modest out-turn of 212 bottles.

Littlemill 1989/2014 (50,4%, The Whisky Agency, 212 bts.)

Nose: Pine wood and varnish. But mostly just fruit. Lovely fruit. Citrus (lemon and grapefruit) but also nectarine and baked banana. Finally a sniff of white chocolate.
Taste: Arrives a bit harsh, hot chili pepper. Luckily the fruit is here to save the day. Pink grapefruit, ginger and oranges. All with a lovely creamy mouth feel.
Finish: Cocoa, fruits and vanilla. A barely detectable whiff of smoke.

Rating: 89

Another lovely, fruity Littlemill. Just a tad shy of a 90, but only because the taste is initially a bit harsh.

Image: Whiskybase

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