littlemill 1988 the whisky cask

Littlemill 1988/2012 The Whisky Cask

So far I’ve avoided sherry-matured Littlemill, especially in a first-fill butt. I couldn’t help but think that a heavy sherry influence would totally overshadow the characteristics that make Littlemill such a distinctive whisky. But there’s a first for everything, and just a couple a days ago I tried a sherried Littlemill from 1988 bottled by The Whisky Cask. Here are my notes!

Littlemill 1988/2012 (54,9%, The Whisky Cask)

Nose: Grainy and malty to start, but then some nuts and caramel appear, as well as toasted oak, wet autumn leafs and brown sugar. There are a few proper citrus aroma’s and underripe banana lingering in the background, as well as a hint of glue.
Taste: Raspberry, black berries and raisins, with white pepper. Lots of citrus and oranges and some slightly burned caramel. Even though there is plenty of sherry influence here, you’ll ever forget you’re drinking a Littlemill. Especially the citrus will make you remember that.
Finish: Warming and peppery with raisins and banana. Fairly long.

Rating: 89

I might’ve avoided sherried Littlemill in the past, but I won’t do that anymore. This is a perfect marriage of sherry flavors and aroma’s mixing with the distinctive Littlemill-profile.

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