littlemill 1985 28 years old coopers choice

Littlemill 1985 28 Years Old (Cooper’s Choice)

I’ve been lucky enough to taste more than a few Littlemills in my time, but nowadays they’ve become quite expensive (which can be said of single malt whisky as a whole, to be honest). I still have a decent stash of different bottlings at home, bought years ago, so I’m good for the foreseeable future. I stopped buying them when they reached the 140/150 euro threshold. I don’t think they’re worth more than that. Or I mean, I don’t value them any higher, since they’re obviously worth more, as the market shows.

After a barrage of Littlemill bottlings from 2013 to 2015, things have slowed down. I don’t believe there are that many casks left anymore. I saw a few when I visited Loch Lomond distillery last year (they own the Littlemill brand). But they’ll be used for their own über expensive official bottlings. What I’m trying to say is… Well, I don’t really know.

So sorry for moaning about whisky prices, I know I shouldn’t do it. We all know whisky is expensive. You don’t need me to tell you that. It’s a conscious choice (on my part, and probably on yours too), to keep participating in the madness. To a certain degree that is. Fuck, I’ll just get on with it, if you don’t mind. Otherwise I’ll just keep going with this pointless, rather depressing blather.

On the menu today is a Littlemill 1985 28 Years Old. That’s my birth year! This is a sample from my own bottle, which I opened when I turned thirty a few years ago. The bottle has long since been emptied, but I never wrote proper tasting notes for it. Well, that’s about to change!

Littlemill 1985 28 Years Old (46%, Cooper’s Choice, C#0104)

Nose: Oh yes, very fruity stuff, with just that signature cardboard-y aroma most Littlemill seem to have. There’s pineapple, raspberry, pink grapefruit, mango and even a little green apple. It has a whiff of oak shavings and vanilla, as well as some spicy notes in the background.
Taste: Yep, fruity again. Medium-bodied. More of the pink grapefruit this time around (giving it a slight bitter edge on the whole), accompanied by kumquats and lemon peel, as well as a touch of sweet honey, which helps with the balance.
Finish: Lingering fruity bitterness.

Score: 90

A perfect example of what Littlemill is all about, tasting this again brings back fond memories off all the other times I had this dram in my glass. Proper stuff.


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