linkwood 70 proof gordon macphail

Linkwood 70° Proof Gordon & MacPhail (1970’s)

As many of you know, No Age Statement is not a new phenomenon. We might see it more and more, but NAS-whiskies have been out there for decades. This Linkwood 70° Proof from Gordon & MacPhail is a great example. It was bottled in the 1970’s and gives no clue whatsoever to its age. All we have to go on is our senses. Taste and smell.

Linkwood 70° Proof (40%, Gordon & MacPhail, 75cl)

Nose: Lovely old-school nose. This might have no age statement, but there is plenty older whisky in here. Lovely old wood characteristics. Ripe apples, old newspapers, brown sugar and caramelized oranges. Touch of smoke and soy. Good stuff.
Taste: Again, lots of wood, tannins. Dry. A hint of menthol and cigar tobacco, but mainly sweet oranges and licorice, with a pinch of black pepper. A bit thin, but that’s no surprise at just 40 percent abv.
Finish: Menthol, tobacco and oranges. Medium in length.

Rating: 89

Fuck me, this is good. It has no age statement, but tastes like an old whisky. I wonder what the exact recipe for this Linkwood was. How much older whisky is in here?

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