Linkwood 1997 2014 win

Linkwood 1997/2014 Whisky Import Netherlands

Strangely enough, this is only the first Linkwood I review on Words of Whisky. It may be a fairly low profile distillery in terms of official bottlings (only the Flora & Fauna is widely available), but there are many very good indy bottlings. From very old ones, pre-WWII even, to newer vintages from this millennium. Today’s review is of a Linkwood from Dutch bottler Whisky Import Netherlands (WIN). I recently reviewed an excellent Arran from them. Let’s hope this is of the same wonderful quality.

Linkwood 1997/2014 (59,4%, Whisky Import Netherlands, C#7188)

Nose: Starts pretty spicy and peppery, with some pickled lemon. The pepperiness remains, but a fruitiness appears after a few minutes. Melon, ripe banana and caramelized apple. The sherry influence is faint. The nose becomes a bit dirtier and more oaky over time.
Taste: This Linkwood has been re-racked into a sherry hogshead. The palate is much sweeter than the nose suggests, but the pepper is still here. Some tropical fruit with peaches and mangoes, and then some caramel. A very creamy mouthfeel. Plenty of oak (some tannins) and vanilla as well.
Finish: Pear and apples. Pretty malty. Medium in length with a hint of tobacco right at the end.

Rating: 89

A very nice balance, with just the right amount of exciting twist and turns. Another win for WIN.

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