linkwood 1997 20 years old jack wiebers whiskyschiff luzern

Linkwood 1997 20 Years Old (Jack Wiebers)

While mainly a blendfiller for Diageo, Linkwood has a good reputation among malt whisky enthusiasts. The better examples can be delicate and fruity, with a nice malty base and a lovely texture. No wonder it is such a popular whisky with blenders.

This particular Linkwood was bottled for Whiskyschiff Luzern 2018, an annual whisky festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. I’ve never been, but by all accounts its a wonderful event. Many happy pictures are plastered all over Facebook every time the festival takes place.

From the looks of it, this matured in one very inactive bourbon cask. Should make for a good chance to explore the Linkwood spirit.

Linkwood 1997 20 Years Old (51.7%, Jack Wiebers Whisky World, C#731)

Nose: Soft notes of pickled lemon peel, vanilla, galia melon, and banana, supported by a nice malty kick and a touch of menthol. The slightest whiff of lavender too, accompanied by floral honey.
Taste: Sweet and somewhat dark honey with just a bit of lemon peel and kumquats. The faintest note of tobacco also, as well as some really dark caramel.
Finish: Lingering sweetness, and surprising ashy hint at the end there.

Score: 88

Fun and different, this Linkwood must’ve been chosen by some adventurous people. I get this might not appeal to the masses, but I find it mighty interesting.


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