linkwood 12 flora and fauna

Linkwood 12 Years Flora & Fauna (2019)

One of the many anonymous blend fillers in Diageo’s stable, Linkwood really isn’t paid much attention by its owner. Or rather it isn’t given much of a chance to shine on its own—I’m sure they’re doing all the necessary work to keep the distillery in top shape.

While luckily there are many independent bottlings of Linkwood available, the only consistently accessible official release is the Linkwood 12 Years Flora & Fauna. This series was originally created in the early 1990s and received its nickname by the famous whisky writer Michael Jackson. It offers some interesting expressions (or used to in some cases), like the Benrinnes, Dailuaine and discontinued Mortlach.

Linkwood 12 Years Flora & Fauna (43%, OB, 2019)

Nose: Pretty straightforward citrus and vanilla notes, followed by dry apple cider and marzipan. Finally a touch of damp rocks.
Taste: Sweet with a honey and vanilla influence and some stone fruits, but the dry and crisp apple cider is still here as well. Soft and subtle spiciness, mainly ginger and white pepper.
Finish: Dry, somewhat spicy. Finally soft orchard fruits.

Score: 79

A fine whisky, but a bit dime-a-dozen. I believe the word is inoffensive? There are other, more worthwhile releases in the Flora & Fauna range.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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