Ledaig 1998/2015 Cooper’s Choice

I enjoy the dirty, peaty style of Ledaig. But so far I only really have experience with the young ex-bourbon single casks. Today I try a middle aged Ledaig (in whisky terms of course, in human terms this would be a teenager) from Cooper’s Choice. One that has matured in a sherry butt at that. So I expect something completely different.

Ledaig 1998/2015 (56,5%, Cooper’s Choice, C#0035)

Nose: My god, this is one dirty whisky. The typical sauerkraut-esque peat I get in the young ex-bourbon Ledaigs is still here, but much more subdued, mainly because it is very sulphury and meaty. Toffee and oranges. I’m not sure whether to like this or not. It is a very ‘in your face’ type of style.
Taste: Lots of peat. Slightly sulphuric. Salted caramel and very dry. A touch of leather and tobacco. Not for the fainthearted.
Finish: Rubber, peat and sherry. Drying and long.

Rating: 81

This gets very high ratings on Whiskybase, but I have to disagree. It is far from a bad whisky, but this much sulphur is just a bit too much for me. Sorry Henri, I know you love this one 😉

Photo: Master of Malt

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