Bruichladdich Laddie Ten

Laddie Ten: A Victim Of Its Own Succes

Rumours surrounding the discontinuation of the Laddie Ten have been making the rounds ever since early september 2013. I think it was this tweet by Dave Broom that actually started it all, but I might be wrong. The rumours have since been denied by Bruichladdich, but fans still aren’t convinced and plenty of people believe that new owners Rémy Cointreau might be putting pressure on the distillery behind the scenes.

Bruichladdich Laddie Ten

The last couple of weeks the rumours got a new boost, for no apparent reason. Maybe because people realized that the Laddie Ten wasn’t displayed among the core range anymore on the website of Bruichladdich. New threads flared up on message boards left and right, and Keith Wood voiced his concerns on the Malt Maniacs Facebook-page.

High time to go to the source. Can Bruichladdich take away the anxiousness amongst the many fans of the Laddie Ten? This the reply I got from them:

The rumour seems to continue being recycled – although the story stays the same. The Laddie Ten is not being discontinued. It has become a victim of its own success and we simply no longer have enough of it to plan sending meaningful quantities to market. It will continue to be available at the distillery shop here on Islay.

That’s not the best news possible. What’s essentially being said is that the Laddie Ten is on life support. Nothing is being said about when to expect a new flood of Laddie Ten. One thing that’s a bit worrisome is this post from 2012 on the own website of Bruichladdich, where they compare the Ten to the Classic. This seemingly minor detail stands out:

The Laddie Ten is a vintage bottling from 2001 making it 10 years old. Thus, fundamentally, the characteristics of this whisky are influenced primarily by the barley that was used for that year’s distillation.

A vintage from 2001? If that’s the perspective of Bruichladdich, than they can’t make more Laddie Ten. You can’t bottle a new 10 year old vintage from 2001 in the year 2014, so how will they solve that issue? One thing is clear though. Stock is low, which eventually means prices will go up. So if you like the Laddie Ten and you see one for a good price, don’t hesitate to buy it.

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