kavalan king car whisky

Kavalan King Car (+/- 2014)

My  experience so far with Kavalan consists of their excellent Solist Sherry Cask-range. But the Taiwanese distillery has a lot more to offer, like the Solist Fino and Solist Sherry whiskies. But they also have a range of more standard and less expensive expressions. Todays review is of one of these standard expressions, the Kavalan King Car.

The King Car is named after the owners of Kavalan, the King Car Group. It is a vatting of eight different cask types. That is a lot! I wonder if it works.

Kavalan King Car (46%, OB, +/- 2014)

Nose: Lots of (exotic) fruits, mainly banana and pineapple, but also oranges. And vanilla and toffee and you get a very sweet nose, albeit a bit of a weak one. Below the surface there are some subtle spices.
Taste: A very peppery delivery and oily mouth feel. It’s also pretty dry and cinnamon-y. It takes a while for the tropical fruit to come through, but then you get ripe mango and banana. The palate is pretty rich, but slightly bitter and has a hint of glue.
Finish: Bitter orange, mango and spices. Also some glue. Medium in length.

Rating: 84

It’s different, but pretty good. I’m guessing the eight different cask types used for this Kavalan have something to do with it being a bit peculiar. Available at different shops, starting at around 55 euro.

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