Karuizawa 1975 2010 C#6737 Whisky Live Paris

Karuizawa 1975/2010 for Whisky Live Paris

Karuizawa is probably the most sought after whisky at the moment. Even more so than Port Ellen, Brora or other closed distilleries. Part of it has to do with the hype surrounding Japanese whisky. But Karuizawa also made some epic whisky. Had they made average stuff, there’s no way bottles would’ve fetched thousands of euro’s on todays secondary market.

It’s practically impossible for the regular whisky drinker to get a taste of Karuizawa, unless you’re willing to pay big. Even 3cl samples might cost you upwards of a 100 euro. Luckily I collected a couple of samples about a year ago, from some very kind enthusiasts.

I reviewed one of those already. Now it is time for another, this one was bottled for Whisky Live Paris. I don’t know what it originally sold for, but five years ago you could pick one up for less than 400 euro at an auction. Now you need to be prepared to shell out closer to 3.000 euro. Madness…

Karuizawa 1975/2010 (61,8%, OB for Whisky Live Paris, C#6736)

Nose: An abundance of old sherry. Furniture polish, leather, dry tobacco and burlap. Some dried plums, aged balsamic and cherry syrup mixed with old oak and sandalwood. A very subtle hint of wood smoke.
Taste: Pretty much every aroma returns. Pretty powerful, but perfectly drinkable without water. Balsamic, plums and cherry syrup make an encore. Pepper and cinnamon are here. As well as old wood and aniseed.
Finish: Long with lots of spices and dried red fruit.

Rating: 92

A beast. What’s there to say except for that this is absolutely awesome?

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