johnnie walker la casa de papel red label

Johnnie Walker Unveils La Casa De Papel Edition

Well, it’s a proven approach by now. Johnnie Walker teams up with a television series or movie, and you just know the resulting Scotch whisky will sell like hotcakes. The company’s latest pop culture-driven release is a limited edition Johnnie Walker inspired by Netflix show La Casa De Papel (aka Money Heist).

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never seen a second of La Casa De Papel, except for when Netflix started autoplaying whenever I’ve scrolled past it. (How annoying is that feature?) But even I know this show has been a global phenomenon. Maybe not to the tune of Game of Thrones or more recently Squid Game, but it’s huge nonetheless. Everybody seems to watch it. Except in my household.

The series is coming to an end with its popularity at an all-time high. The final season of La Casa De Papel is split in two parts—I hate it when they do that—with the last five episodes premiering later this year on December 3rd. So, this is an extremely opportune time to announce a limited-edition. Global Marketing Director Julie Bramham probably explains it best:

“Like many fans around the globe, we’ve been gripped by the action unfolding from the fictional underworld of La Casa De Papel. We’re delighted to be marking the climax of this series through this limited-edition design. I’ll be watching the story unfold with a glass of Johnnie Walker in hand and a keepsake bottle to have forever.”

By the way, when I say limited, I mean 150,000 bottles. And if you hoped the liquid itself might offer something out of the ordinary, you’re massively mistaken. The La Casa De Papel edition of Johhnie Walker is nothing more than a repurposed bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label. At least the Johnnie Walker Blade Runner 2049 was its own unique blend.

I suppose the packaging might be of interest to true fans of the show. But you would need to own a UV light though, which will reveal “hidden messages including some parting words from one of the show’s lead characters – creating a true lasting legacy as the show draws to its close.”

Something that I will be keeping an eye on of misguided flippers might think this is a smart investment bottle. I swear to god that’s why a good percentage of the Game of Thrones whiskies was bought.

Since the Johnnie Walker La Casa De Papel bottle will cost only 13,49 euro, I suppose even they will not get their hopes up. But you never now, we might just see a bottle or two end up at auction after November 1st, which is when it’s released. Also, it will only be available in selected markets in Southern Europe and Latin America.

And finally: are some of my dear readers fans of the show? If so, I’m wondering what your view of this release is. Let me know in the comments.


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