Jown Power & Son Irish Whiskey

John Power & Son Irish Whiskey (John’s Lane, 1970s)

The final installment is here. After today, I don’t know if I will ever again taste Irish whiskey distilled before 1975. But that’s okay, it’s been a blast getting to try all these wonderfully interesting whiskies. I’m finishing my Irish series of with this John Power & Son Irish Whiskey.

It’s another Gold Label-version, but distilled and bottled a little later than what I previously tried. And contrary to the one I tasted earlier, this is a NAS-version. But that’s okay, the other was only 7 years old, so how much younger can this be? 🙂

John Power & Son Irish Whiskey (43%, John’s Lane Distillery, 1970s)

Nose: Fragrant and fruity, in the best possible way. Plenty of peach, apricot and a whiff of honey and coconut too. Finally there’s a good amount of wax, as well as a subtle layer of leather.
Taste: Honey, cereals and fruits (those damn apricots again 🙂 ). Quite delicious and very well-balanced, with a nice spicy edge of cinnamon and ginger. Thick and oily too.
Finish: The finish has faint notes of gasoline, and lingers on ginger cookies. Medium in length.

Rating: 88

Just doesn’t quite show the complexity of its 7 year old sibling, but is still a wonderful product and a worthy whiskey to end this series with. What a joy it has been to taste all these old Irish whiskies, but it had to end sometime. Monday we’ll revert back to a review of a Scottish whisky.

Photo: Whiskybase

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