jim mcewan symphony no 1

Jim McEwan’s Symphony No. 1 (2010s)

This review is absolutely pointless for most of you, dear readers. Jim McEwan’s Symphony No. 1, a blended whisky, wasn’t widely availably to begin with. So there’s little chance you’ve already tried this. If leave this review thinking you’d like to buy a bottle, good luck. Getting your hands on it nowadays is nigh on impossible, save for the occasional auction. Most of the bottles were consumed, because that what used to happen to whisky, especially cheap ones like these.

Jim McEwan’s Symphony No. 1 was originally available in the Bruichladdich Distillery Shop for a stunning 13 quid. It contains whiskies from Speyside, Islay, from the Highlands and the Lowlands.

Jim McEwan’s Symphony No. 1 (46%, OB, 2010s)

Nose: It’s rather sweet with hints of honey and ‘stroopsoldaatjes‘, which loosely translates to syrup for soldiers, but is actually a traditional Dutch candy made from cane sugar syrup. There’s also a touch of grass and some fruitier notes like tinned pineapple. Just a touch of sulphur.
Taste: Creamy and sticky with touches of honey and dried fruits. It’s somewhat spicy and slightly drying. Not the most complex.
Finish: Pretty short. Sweet and spicy.

Score: 79

Decent stuff and considering its original price point an absolute steal. More of a nosing whisky though, as the palate lacks a bit of interest and the flavours that are there quickly disappear. Thanks to Geert for sharing!

Photo: Whiskybase

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