jura 10 origins

Isle of Jura 10yo Origin

Jura is a distillery with a shoddy reputation. There are people who like the distillery’s product, but they are in the minority. A lot of people just stay away from it. Granted, I haven’t tasted much outside of Jura’s core range, but what I have tasted didn’t impress me much, the exception being a rather good one from their Boutique Barrels-series. Let’s see if we can add the 10yo Origins to the list of exceptions.

Isle of Jura 10yo ‘Origin’ (40%, OB, +/- 2014)

Nose: Malty, custard and it also has a certain freshness, but with a sour edge to it. And not sour like a lemon, but more like a sour apple. Malt is at the heart of the aromas though.
Taste: Some wet cardboard, garden cress, a little salt, and then bitterness. Like rocket salad. Walnuts and macadamia’s as well.
Finish: Pretty long, which is often a good thing but not now, because I’d like this type of bitterness to disappear quicker.

Rating: 73

Well, Jura certainly has a uniqueness to it. Not one I like much though. Let’s just call it ‘special’.

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