irish single malt 1990 27 years old the whisky agency

Irish Single Malt 1990 27 Years Old (The Whisky Agency)

There are so many of these! And they’re are so good! For whatever reason, a lot of good, extremely fruity whiskey was produced in Ireland at the end of the 80s and 90s. So expectations are high for this Irish Single Malt 1990 27 Years Old from The Whisky Agency. It was bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange, but has long sold out.

Irish Single Malt 1990 27 Years Old (51,3%, The Whisky Agency, 150 bts.)

Nose: Aah, this is like pure fruit juice. Very tropical and warm! Lots of sweet oranges, mango, and passion fruit. There’s some honey here too, as well as a slight waxiness and some furniture polish, accompanied by light touches of vanilla.
Taste: Geez, if ever there was a time to use the word smooth, this is it. Again, this is incredibly fruity, with many of the same fruits we’ve already encountered in the nose, now making an encore. There are some mild spices here as well, but the fruit is simply dominant. Finally also a hint of aniseed and cough syrup.
Finish: The fruit lingers for a long time, only to be distracted by soft notes of menthol every now and again.

Score: 91

Once again, the Irish deliver big time. Whiskies like these are future classics, that’ll be looked back upon with a lot of fondness, and’ll be held in high regard for a long time.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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