Irish single malt 1989 28yo limited whisky investment

Irish Single Malt 1989 28 Years Old (Limited Whisky)

The reputation of Irish single malt whiskies from the late 80s and early 90s is stellar, which is probably why Limited Whisky Investment chose to bottle an Irish Single Malt 1989 28 Years Old as their first ever whiskey.

Bottled as Volume 1 of The Monkey Series (love the label!), this was released in collaboration with Sansibar, a renowned independent bottler from Germany.

Irish Single Malt 1989 28 Years Old (56,2%, Limited Whisky Investment & Sansibar, 164 bts)

Nose: Soft notes of pink grapefruit, pineapple and apple sauce, but also some underripe banana. Subtle hints of sweet malt. I’ve been told to give this some extra time, and I’m a good boy, so I do what I’m told. While it is still somewhat subdued after thirty-ish minutes, it clearly has that fruity signature I’ve come to expect from these bottlings.
Taste: Nice! Spicy and fruity. Some white pepper and cumin at first, before we enter a territory dominated by pink grapefruit, tangerines and nectarines. Nothing subdued about this. Mouth-watering, very good stuff.
Finish: Some grassy notes, light spices, and lingering citrus notes.

Rating: 90

Another very good example of mature Irish single malt whiskey. Still available.

Sample provided by Limited Whisky Investment 

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