Ireland 2002 CWC

Ireland 2002/2015 Creative Whisky Company

Irish whisky is all the rage right now, although not necessarily the relatively young one I’m reviewing today. The Irish whiskey from the late eighties/early nineties is incredibly popular, and because of that now also incredibly expensive, approaching 300 euro per bottle.

The more affordable option is to go with a younger Irish whisky, like this fruity one bottled by David Stirk of the Creative Whisky Company.

Ireland 2002/2015 (51,8%, Creative Whisky Company, C#20021)

Nose: Lots of tropical fruit. Mangoes, apricots and plenty of ripe banana. It almost smells like candy, very sweet and sugary, with lots of vanilla too.
Taste: The arrival has a kick to it, but mellows quickly. Immediately the fruit appears, all of the tropical kind, but mostly banana and apricots. Almost like a fruit custard.
Finish: Long and fruity with a touch of oak.

Rating: 88

If you’re looking for a fruity whiskey with a kick, than this is it. It’s not overly complex, but that doesn’t really matter in this case. Still available for around 90 euro in some Dutch and Belgian shops.


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