invergordon 1987 1988 1964 thompson brothers 3006 whisky jacks wiebers whisky world review

3 Invergordon: Jack Wiebers, Thompson Bros & 3006 Whisky

Single grain whiskies are a big part of whisky’s ecosystem. They haven’t always been, but whisky drinkers have embraced the apparent value they represent. Invergordon is one of only 7 big grain distilleries active in Scotland. Today’s we’ll be tasting releases from Jack Wiebers Whisky World, Thompson Bros and 3006 Whisky. But first…

What I like about single malt—the diversity and enormous range of flavours—single grain whisky just can’t offer. I generally find it a much more monotonous organoleptic experience. To illustrate, I don’t think I ever bought a single grain whisky. Not to say grain whiskies can’t be delicious. I’ve tried some really good ones over the years, just never a specific one that evoked an emotional response.

And that’s what I’m chasing. Always. It’s rare to find such a whisky, but when you do, the reward is just so immensely satisfying. For example, I still remember my first sip of the Waterford Heritage: Hunter. Similarly, Thy Distillery has left an indelible impression. And Benromach and Old Pulteney always feel like a homecoming. I just can’t imagine there ever being a grain whisky with a similar impact.

I realise this is all a bit strange to vocalise right before delving into a trio of single grain whiskies from Invergordon. It’s just that I think this is important context to share. If you know the person reviewing the whisky, you’re in a better position to appreciate their opinions. That’s all I’m trying to accomplish here.

Now let’s get going!

invergordon 1988 35 Years 3006 whisky 1482 review

Invergordon 1988 35 Years (50.8%, 3006 Whisky, C#1482)

Nose: A sliver of acetone, some shoe polish and wood glue to kick things off. But it’s relatively mild and well-behaved overall. Hints of fresh apple, melted butter and crème brûlée along with coconut shavings. There’s a little menthol and maybe even something resembling citrus.
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel. A good hit of white pepper and other warming spices, but mainly sweet vanilla custard, some orange peels, butterscotch and mushy bananas. Characterful and rich, albeit not very complex.
Finish: Medium length with a few oak spices, such as cinnamon. More pepper too. And plenty of fudge and vanilla type influences.

A very classic Invergordon. Nothing too exciting, but a well-aged, sweet, warming grain whisky. If you’re into this sort of style, I don’t suspect you’ll be disappointed.

invergordon 1987 35 years thompson brothers review

Invergordon 1987 35 Years (54.3%, Thompson Bros, 230 bts.)

Nose: Very different from the 3006 Whisky. Immediately a touch of juniper and quinine, alongside lemon balm, hops and pine needles. Even some rose petals. This strikes me as very atypical. A few more classic grain notes appear later, more along the vanilla, fudge and butterscotch notes.
Taste: Herbal and grassy with a sliver of Gouda. (I promise I’m not making this shit up.) There’s coriander and I can’t seem to escape the juniper. It’s almost perfume-y. Also a good pinch of white pepper, some cardamom and triple sec.
Finish: Medium length with lingering spices and a touch of leather. Somewhat grassy too.

What a weird one. I’m almost beginning to think there’s something wrong with the sample. This Invergordon is very unorthodox and I can’t quite seem to wrap my mind around it.

invergordon 1964 48 years jack wiebers whisky world 10031 review

Invergordon 1964 48 Years (44.2%, Jack Wiebers Whisky World, HL 10031)

Nose: We’re in another league. In some ways almost reminiscent of an old brandy. Hints of tobacco leaves, varnish, chocolate truffles, dried dates and figs, as well as some ripe caramel-glazed apples, strawberry compote and dark honey.
Taste: Very friendly, much more so than its younger siblings. A good amount of honey, some resin and quite a big hit of molasses. Creamy coconut, yellow cake and beeswax, as well as a touch of orange liqueur, Demerara sugar and fennel.
Finish: Medium length. Lingering sweetness and gentle orchard fruits.

Quite a different experience, this Invergordon was just so incredibly effortless and silky. Impressively, it wasn't over the top at all. If only all grain whisky could be like this.

Photos: Whiskybase

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