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Indri Dru Cask Strength (2023)

One of the newer brands from India, Indri Single Malt has gained notoriety quickly. It was only introduced a few years ago, with the Indri Dru Cask Strength the most recent addition to the brand’s core range.

Produced at Picadilly Distilleries in the state of Haryana, Indri is only the latest success story coming out of India. The country is embracing their homemade whiskies, as Indian single malt accounted for 53% of total domestic sales in 2023, outselling renowned Scottish brands.

I won’t pretend to know much about the Indian market, but can’t help to think the 150% import tariff on Scotch whisky plays a role. Nevertheless, the sales figures are a testament to the quality whisky that’s currently made in India. “The rise in consumption of Indian single malts domestically has been very encouraging – currently 75% of what we produce is consumed here in India”, says Madhu Kanna, Indri’s head of international sales.

Over in Europe, the Indri Trini has surfaced as an affordable alternative to core range products from traditional whisky countries. It has a creative cask recipe (ex-bourbon, ex-French wine and ex-Pedro Ximénez sherry casks) that works surprisingly well. Now the Indri Dru Cask Strength builds upon that success, although it relies solely on the influence of ex-bourbon casks.

I first had a sip of the Indri Dru Cask Strength last year at the International Whisky Festival in The Hague. Much like when I first tasted the Indri Trini, I was immediately taken by the distillate’s tropical fruitiness. Having now acquired a sample for review, I’m happy to report that initial impression still stands.

indri dru cask strength

Indri Dru Cask Strength (57.2%, OB, 2023)

Nose: Huge intensity with some strong cask influence. A mixture of eucalyptus, ginger, pine resin and coconut with a big, vibrant fruitiness. There’s mango, papaya, apricot and orange, but also a sliver of dark chocolate and vanilla icing.
Taste: Good, oily mouthfeel to start. Quite punchy, but not aggressive. An immense fruit salad. More mango, guava, nectarine, grapefruit. It’s all there. Also a good pinch of white pepper, ginger and sandalwood. Water calms things down somewhat and brings out a bit of tobacco, maybe even some mint.
Finish: Medium to long. Slightly herbacious along with Acacia honey, mango and resin.

Not necessarily much better than the Indri Trini, yet I'm inclined to rate the Indri Dru Cask Strength slightly higher. There are a lot of similarities between the two, but the Indri Dru Cask Strength gets the edge because there's just so much room to play around with water. There's more potential for complexity to be unlocked. However, if you just want to sit down and effortlessly enjoy your whisky, the Indri Trini is more of a finished product and probably your best bet.

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