Imperial 1995 2014 SV 50143 44

Imperial 1995/2014 Signatory Vintage

It’s been almost four months since my last review of an Imperial. It may have something to do with the fact that an Imperial was the final whisky of the Blind Tasting Competition (in which I ended in second place), which I guessed horribly wrong, and the eventual winner guessed 100 percent right. It still hurts 😉

A lot of Imperial has been released in 2013 and 2014, almost all of them from the vintage year of 1995. Especially Signatory Vintage (and consequently Dutch bottler Van Wees/The Ultimate) seems to have a lot of Imperial-stock. But there haven’t been as many releases of Imperial in the first quarter of 2015. The one I review today is from January 2014.

Imperial 1995/2014 (51,9%, Signatory, C# 50143+44)

Nose: Incredibly fruity and waxy. A pleasant vanilla sweetness and nice maltiness are accompanied by green fruits, such as apples and grapes. It turns more flowery and heathery quickly, but then becomes sweeter again. Superbly balanced.
Taste: Coconut and vanilla, then apple and pineapple followed by white grapes. Slightly woody and nutty, with some grapefruit and ginger.
Finish: A bit peppery, with honey, nuts and a hint of smoke.

Rating: 89

Excellent stuff. Almost all 1995 Imperial’s from Signatory’s Cask Strength Collection are well-received, and this one is no exception.

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