Heaven Hill 2001/2016 (Malts of Scotland)

Shockingly, this is the very first time I post tasting notes on a bourbon whiskey. And rather than starting with a typical expression, this turns out to be a rather a-typical bourbon. Distilled at Heaven Hill in 2001 and bottled this year by Malts of Scotland, this bourbon was finished in an ex-rum cask. It makes for quite the experience.

Heaven Hill 2001/2016 (55,2%, Malts of Scotland, C# MoS 16008)

Nose: An interesting mix of sweet oranges and sour grapes, but sulphur too. Did not expect that. Given time the sulphur dissipates a bit and darker aromas emerge, like brown sugar, raisins and even a touch of soy.
Taste: Very dry. And again some sulphur. Burnt matches. Interestingly enough, this reminds me more of a wine cask matured spirit. Do they make wine in the Caribbean? Red grapes, some raisins. A touch of brown sugar again. And did I mention this was very dry?
Finish: Dry, sulphurous. Medium in length.

Rating: 79

It might not bot particularly good, but it is certainly an interesting, challenging whisky even. Lacks balance, mainly because it is too dry and because of the sulphur. Wouldn’t recommend to buy a bottle, but if you get the chance to try this, then why not? It’s different.

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