Gun Fighter American Rye Whiskey Double Cask

Gun Fighter American Rye Whiskey Double Cask

A quick detour to the United States, a country that doesn’t appear much on Words of Whisky. With the current tariffs on whiskey from overseas it probably is a good thing I’m keeping myself plenty occupied with single malts from Scotland and other (European) countries.

Golden Moon Distillery in Colorado was founded in 2008 and it seems as though they’re doing quite well. Last year 6 million dollar renovation was unveiled, expanding the size of the distillery fifefold. Capacity has risen to nearly 100,000 cases a year, which means they’re no longer the small craft distillery they once were. Among their products liqueurs, absinthe, gin and whiskey.

Today I’m reviewing Golden Moon’s Gun Fighter American Rye Double Cask, with a mashbill of 60% rye, 34% corn and 6% malt. It first ages for six months in new American oak casks, after which the spirit is transferred to French oak casks that previously held California port-style wine.

Gun Fighter American Rye Whiskey Double Cask (50%, OB, 2018)

Nose: A proper spicy introduction (mainly cloves), supported by a good whiff of oak shavings, shoe polish and a touch of chocolate, burnt caramel and red berries.
Taste: Rather creamy and velvet-y, with a slight floral touch and lots of spices: Cumin, caraway, cloves and a tinge of pepper. Also a whiff of cough syrup and bitter oranges.
Finish: Short to medium with lingering spices and a subtle caramel sweetness.

Score: 86

Really rather delicious and it’s too bad I only had one sample, because I’m pretty sure this would make a cracking Old Fashioned.

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