glenugie 1997 32 years old signatory vintage

Glenugie 1977 32 Years Old (Signatory Vintage)

To say that you don’t encounter Glenugie often, is an understatement. So when a friend offered me a sample of one, I quickly accepted. I’ve only ever had one other Glenugie, so I need to grab my chances when it comes to this closed Highland distillery. Today I’ll review a Glenugie 1977 32 Years Old from Signatory Vintage.

If you want to know more about Glenugie in general, be sure to check out this website. This particular Glenugie was re-racked after 24 years and spend another 90 months in an oloroso sherry butt. That’s 7,5 years!

Glenugie 1977 32 Years Old (46%, Signatory Vintage, C#5)

Nose: Lots of milk chocolate, but also menthol and plenty of Earl Gray tea. There’s probably a hint of smoke in there too, but it remains rather closed. Let’s see if water helps. Brings out a fruitier side with kiwi, and lime. Finally just a teensy bit of smoke.
Taste: Rather dry at first, but strangely somewhat syrupy too. Cherry, cocoa powder, and dark roast coffee. A rather meaty side as well. Water helps with the dryness and brings out thyme, but also some citrus fruits.
Finish: Drying, with sherry notes and menthol. The finale is almost ashy.

Rating: 90

I found this one very difficult to rate, mainly because this is a profile I haven’t encountered much before. The important thing is, I like it a lot and would love to have a bottle of this on my shelves. Although, just to clarify, that’ll never happen. Way too expensive.

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