glenturret 10 years peat smoked 2022

Glenturret 10 Years Peat Smoked (2022 Release)

Glenturret has undergone such a transformation in recent years, the brand is barely recognisable. From a distillery that very much operated under the radar and was best-known for being the home of The Famous Grouse, to a luxury brand owned by luxury goods business Lalique Group.

Of the revamped range, I’ve only reviewed the Glenturret 12 Years 2021 Release. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the Glenturret 10 Years Peat Smoked 2022 Release. I think it’s really smart they opted to go for an annual series. There’s an inherently limited nature, which adds interest and the possibility to change things up, preventing the range from becoming stale.

The Glenturret 10 Years Peat Smoked 2022 Release has matured in first-fill and second-fill European and American oak.

glenturret 10 years peat smoked 2022 closeup

Glenturret 10 Years Peat Smoked (50%, OB, 2022 Release)

Nose: Rubber soles and a can of new tennis balls followed by a tinge of sauerkraut. Also a whiff of candied lemons, bandages, and asphalt. Becomes sweeter over time with jammy apricots and nectarine.
Taste: Quite an oily mouthfeel. Layers of ash, baking spices and grilled beef, but also charred oak, resin and a touch of bonfire smoke. A hint of salted caramel too.
Finish: Long and drying with touches of rubber, medicinal peat smoke and ashes.

A bit of a false start maybe, but overall the Glenturret 10 Years Peat Smoked is a robust single malt. I feel it is bottled at just the right drinking strength, and is different enough from the traditional, coastal peaters.

Sample provided by De Monnik Dranken

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