Glentauchers 8yo creative whisky company gt002

Glentauchers 8yo Creative Whisky Company (Batch #002, 2016)

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Batch #001 of the Speyside 8y0 (which is actually a Glentauchers) from the Creative Whisky Company. Not long after, they released Batch #002. Both apparently come from sherry butts, which you wouldn’t guess looking at the color of the second batch, because this one is much, much lighter than the first batch.

Glentauchers 8yo (50%, Creative Whisky Company, Batch #002)

Nose: Spicy, mainly cinnamon and nutmeg, with some cumin as well. Pineapple, banana and nectarine. Plenty of vanilla too. Fruity with a subtle spicy layer about sums it up.
Taste: Oily mouthfeel with plenty of young, vibrant oak influences. Some pine as well. Again plenty of spices, with chili peppers taking centre stage. Slightly herbal with a touch of mint.
Finish: After the initial spice attack this whisky ends on a fruitier note, with red apples and white grapes.

Rating: 78

Certainly not a dime a dozen. I really wonder what type of sherry butt this has matured in, since I can’t find many typical sherry aromas or flavours. David Stirk did confirm to me that it has matured in a refill-sherry cask, although he doesn’t know the type of sherry. Must be re-re-refill at the very least.

This has its pros and cons, with the latter mainly being that the spices dominate too much. A little more fruit on the palate would’ve been nice. Not a bad whisky though, and priced fair at just over 40 euro.

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