Glentauchers 2010 2015 C&S

Glentauchers 2010/2015 C&S Dram Collection

Whisky enthusiasts are (almost) collectively complaining about all the young whisky that is being released nowadays. Most of that criticism goes towards the official bottlings without an age statement. And independent bottlers are also releasing young stuff. I’ve seen plenty of six and seven year old single cask whiskies in the pas few years. Some of them excellent by the way.

But a recent release by German bottler C&S Dram Collection goes one step further. Their Glentauchers was distilled in May 2010 and bottled in January 2015, making it only FOUR years old. Surprisingly it has been receiving a lot of good feedback, with a very respectable rating of 85 on Whiskybase. That made me curious. Here’s is what I think of this über young, sherry matured Glentauchers.

Glentauchers 2010/2015 (66,6%, C&S Dram Collection, C#900262)

Nose: Super spirity. Have you ever smelled a fruity new make spirit? This whisky is barely out of its diapers. Malty with pear and green banana. Fairly soft considering the extreme abv.
Taste: Spicy and very dry. Sweet sherry with raisins, oranges and caramel. Again very spirity and young.
Finish: Dry and some sweetness. Pretty short.

Rating: 73

Why would anyone bottle this? Seriously, why? Not that it is undrinkable, but it is such an immature whisky. Way too young. I doubt that this would ever have become a great whisky, but a couple of extra years certainly would’ve helped make this more respectable.

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