glentauchers 1997 22yo signatory vintage 4163 whisky exchange

Glentauchers 1997 22 Years (Signatory Vintage for TWE)

Glentauchers is growing on me, and it seems others have the same idea. It might just be because I’m paying closer attention now, but it feels as if there are more casks being bottled these days. Understandably so, because these 1990s Glentauchers are proving to be rather excellent. Often fruity, with a spicy, sometimes chalky touch. I’ve previously compared one to Old Pulteney, which is high praise coming from me.

Signatory Vintage recently released a bourbon-matured Glentauchers exclusively for The Whisky Exchange. This particular Glentauchers is part of the retailer’s final 20th anniversary releases from Signatory Vintage.

Glentauchers 1997 22 Years (46.6%, Signatory Vintage for TWE, C#4163)

Nose: Apple crumble, port stewed pears and a touch of cinnamon, but there’s also a nice hit of lemon zest, followed by green grapes. Finally some chalkiness and crisp apple cider.
Taste: Creamy with a fruity arrival, mostly citrus but a touch of fresh apples as well. A subtle pepperiness too, but it takes a backseat to the vanilla and hints of eucalyptus.
Finish: A tinge of dark honey, some cantaloupe as well. Medium in length.

Score: 88

Really rather good, which is what I’ve come to expect from the mid-90s Glentauchers. Really good and fairly affordable for its age. Available from The Whisky Exchange.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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