Glentauchers 1981 30 years old van wees

Glentauchers 1981 30 Years Old (Van Wees)

This whisky was bottled a little while ago by Van Wees in their The Ultimate range. This Glentauchers 1981 30 Years Old was stashed away in my sample drawer for quite a while, but now it’s time to give it its moment in the spotlight.

It’s an oldie alright, having matured for three decades in a wine treated butt. Want to know what that is? Me too, so I asked. It basically means that they’re not sure of the previous contents. Could be wine, could be sherry from outside of the traditional sherry regions.

Glentauchers 1981 30 Years Old (46%, Van Wees, C#1056)

Nose: Showing its age, in a good way. Glue and varnish, as well as some soft oak. Gentle citrus notes, mainly lime, but also creamy porridge and a hint of menthol. Thumbs up!
Taste: Fairly oily, with a hint of wood smoke and more menthol. Some tobacco, ginger and pepper as well. There’s licorice, ripe apples and berries too. Lovely.
Finish: More of the same, with the menthol lingering for a long time.

Rating: 87

Maybe a little menthol heavy for some, but this is right up my alley. Probably not the most complex, but a classic profile I very much enjoy. Surprised to see its relatively low score on Whiskybase.

Photo: Whiskybase

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