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Glentauchers 18 Years (Whisky Sponge)

Glentauchers kind of threads the needle between Speyside and the Northern Highlands. It’s a full-bodied whisky with above-average fruitiness, but also with some ruggedness and even the occasional waxiness. So, when Angus MacRaild decides to bottle a Glentauchers 18 Years for his Whisky Sponge label, I sit up straight and listen. Or taste, more like.

I’ve grown quite fond of Glentauchers’ output over the past few years, which is generally only available through independent bottlers such as Whisky Sponge. There have been several 1990’s bottlings that I’ve quite enjoyed, but the Whisky Sponge’s Glentauchers 18 Years is something a little bit different.

This release is a (very) small batch vatting of a 1st fill sherry butt from 2005 and a first-fill barrel from 2002. It was then slightly diluted to a drinking strength of 53%, which I’ve no doubt works as good, if not better than the original cask strength. Yes, I suppose cask strength would be the purer drinking experience. But I don’t think we ask ourselves often enough if it is the superior experience.

Finally, some 250 bottles of the Glentauchers 18 Years are made available. That low output suggests Angus didn’t just dump two casks together, but instead carefully decided on a ratio between ex-sherry and ex-bourbon matured Glentauchers.

glentauchers 18 years whiskysponge edition 81

Glentauchers 18 Years (53%, WhiskySponge, 250 bts.)

Nose: The sherry influence is undeniable, but there’s a neat balance with the ex-bourbon cask, which provides a lovely brightness. Caramel-glazed red apples alongside ‘stroopsoldaatjes‘ and a whiff of quince jelly, as well as pear skin. There’s a touch of melted butter, some burlap, cotton candy grapes and honeydew as well.
Taste: Creamy, almost oily mouthfeel. Hints of toffee and madeira cake, but also a pinch of black pepper, some mealy apples and apricots. There’s a touch of chalk too, and even a subtle waxiness.
Finish: Medium to long. Notes of apples and red berries linger, as well as fudge and some fennel. Also a whiff of charred oak.


The ex-sherry and ex-bourbon influences play well off each other. They're clearly both present in the spirit, but are also well-integrated and form a whole. I haven't tasted the separate components, obviously, but I wouldn't be surprised if this result is bigger than the sum of its parts. Still available here.


Sample provided by Decadent Drinks

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