glenrothes robur reserve

Glenrothes Robur Reserve (2017)

I know, I know. Glenrothes presented their new core range last year, and here I am reviewing one of their multiple now discontinued NAS expressions. And unlike with other discontinued whiskies (Old Pulteney 21, anyone?), nobody is hunting for dusty old bottles of the Glenrothes Robur Reserve.

Even still, you’re crazy if you think I won’t write tasting notes for it because of the above. Since, you know, I do this for me, not you. I mean, I still love you guys and all, but whatever. This is my blog, I can do whatever I want. Sorry for getting all defensive about it 😉

Glenrothes Robur Reserve (40%, OB, 2017)

Nose: It is slightly metallic, as there’s a hint of copper coins to open things up, but there’s also notes of sultanas, fudge and caramel. Plenty of vanilla and a whiff of mush banana, as well as a sliver of breakfast cereals. Quite sweet overall.
Taste: Similar sweet notes as the nose already provided us with. Pretty creamy as well, but with a fair amount of wood spice too. Nutmeg, clove. Ginger comes to mind as well.
Finish: Short to medium. Spices make place for a sour note, before transforming into red apple.

Score: 78

An average entry-level whisky that’s not completely balanced, but manages to provide enough to keep you interested for a while. A whole bottle of this though? I don’t know about that.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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