glenrothes 2006 17 years dutch dram masters douglas laing

Glenrothes 2006 17 Years ‘Dutch Dram Masters’ (Douglas Laing)

Glenrothes + a good sherry cask = totally delish!

A while ago I came across several really good, sherry-matured Glenrothes in a relatively short span. Since then, that’s the flavour profile I associate with the distillery. Not their own (generally subpar) bottlings, but independent gems. I’m hoping the Glenrothes 2006 17 Years ‘Dutch Dram Masters’ by Douglas Laing is such a throwback.

The memorable whiskies that come to mind are this one by Cadenhead’s, a young’un from Adelphi, and this Wilson & Morgan expression. (I probably should’ve rated the latter just a tad higher, seeing as I can’t seem to get it out of my mind even a decade later.) When I think of Glenrothes, these exceptional sherry-matured examples come to mind first. Spirit and cask working in harmony.

But it’s not like there have been a gazillion since. Not every sherry cask is created equal. And I’ve tasted sherry-matured Glenrothes that hasn’t been totally up to par. But then last year there was a Mythical Beasts release that took me back in time. And now it’s time for Glenrothes 2006 17 Years ‘Dutch Dram Masters’ to do the same.

glenrothes 2006 17 years dutch dram masters douglas laing review

Glenrothes 2006 17 Years ‘Dutch Dram Masters’ (61.1%, Douglas Laing, C#DL17253)

Nose: Strong hints of tobacco, a sliver of espresso, plenty of mocha and fudge. Also a touch of aceto di balsamico, whispers of blackcurrants and even some crème de cassis. There are figs and dates, but also tinges of brown sugar and marzipan. Even a bit of soy sauce after 10 minutes or so. So far so good.
Taste: Creamy, almost viscous mouthfeel. Initially a hit of cracked black pepper corns, immediately followed by a sliver aniseed, as well as mocha, nougat and maybe a hint of sulphur, but barely noticeable. Also dried dates, cherry syrup and cocoa powder, alongside a drop of ristretto. Seriously good.
Finish: Long, slightly dry, but sweet and bitter too.

A very concentrated, high-octane whisky. I certainly don't think this is for everybody, but I'm quite partial to a good sherry-matured Glenrothes. And I think this is such an example. The strength invites you to add water, but I didn't find that necessary. Although I can imagine it would reveal new depths.

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