glenrothes 2001 2015 malts of scotland

Glenrothes 2001/2015 Malts of Scotland

Whisky buddy Geert and I have been trading some blind samples as of late, which is always fun. It’s the best way to evaluate a whisky as objectively as possible, and also a great way to hone your tasting skills. If you’ve never challenged yourself to do this, then you really should. Today’s blind sample turned out to be a heavily sherried one.

Glenrothes 2001/2015 (52,8%, Malts of Scotland, C#15029)

Nose: Roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate and mocha. One whiff of this and my mind immediately thinks Glenrothes. Dried dark red fruits. And also a hint of marzipan and mint.
Taste: First sip, yes, this is Glenrothes. Such a similar profile when compared to the young bottlings from Adelphi, or the two 1990 vintages from Cadenhead and Wilson & Morgan. More dark coffee, raisins, mocha and burned caramel. Some cherry syrup, but also spices. Chili and ginger, cloves. Very yummy.
Finish: Peppery, dry and dark chocolate. Intense and long.

Rating: 88

Rich and intense flavours. Not much more you can ask for in a sherried whisky. If you find this in a shop somewhere and you like the price (should be around 80 euro), than there’s no reason not to take this home 🙂

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