Glenrothes 1989 26 Years Old single malts of scotland

Glenrothes 1989 26 Years Old (Single Malts of Scotland)

Glenrothes is pretty much up there when it comes to my favourite distilleries. But that opinion is mostly based on the excellent sherry matured releases by independent bottlers. Bourbon matured expressions, like the subject of today’s post, are more of a hit or miss. So it’ll be interesting to see in which category this Glenrothes 1989 26 Years Old from the Single Malts of Scotland falls.

Glenrothes 1989 26 Years Old (53,8%, Single Malts of Scotland, C#8172)

Nose: Very shy to start, but slowly showing its true colors. Stewed apples, apple sauce with a hint of cinnamon, honey, tinned pineapple. Faint notes of wet grass, but also some fudge and vanilla.
Taste: Creamy and smooth. Golden syrup. A nice array of fruits and spices. Cloves, white pepper, grapes, pears, plums and berries. Some almonds too.
Finish: Bitter oranges and mild spices. Long.

Rating: 86

While I still prefer my Glenrothes to be sherry matured, this is certainly a good whisky. Maybe not very unique though. Available for just over 115 pounds.

Sample provided by Speciality Drinks

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