Glenrothes 15 Years Mythical Beasts Spiritfilled

Glenrothes 15 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’ (Spiritfilled)

Originally an investment broker for whisky cask sales, Spiritfilled stepped into the light last year when it released their first independent bottlings. Cask investment is a bit of a turnoff, but the whisies they’ve released so far seems to be priced fairly reasonably. For example, today’s Glenrothes 15 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’ from a first-fill sherry butt retails for £120. So, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Glenrothes has such a wonderful ceiling. Whisky from this distillery in the right sherry cask can reach great heights. Old. Young. It doesn’t really matter. But it also has a floor that is way too low. Especially the distillery’s own releases haven’t always been up to par. And bourbon-matured Glenrothes is always is a bit of a gamble for me personally. I usually love them at an older age, but the younger ones can run a bit hot.

In summary: I’ve never been completely convinced by Glenrothes, even though I have fond memories of many of them. Furthermore, it’s been a long time since I’ve tried a new generously-sherried Glenrothes. They used to be released in abundance, but not anymore. Although I might’ve just not been paying attention.

Anyway, looking forward to the Glenrothes 15 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’ and finding out whether a cask investment company is also able to recognise quality, not just return on investment.

Glenrothes 15 Years Mythical Beasts Spiritfilled closeup

Glenrothes 15 Years ‘Mythical Beasts’ (55%, Spiritfilled, C#6155)

Nose: Rich and concentrated with dark chocolate, aceto di balsamico and rum raisins, but also a hint of copper coins. Then roasted coffee beans, figs, mocha and a whisper of After Eight’s. Impressive indeed.
Taste: It’s been a while since I’ve tasted a sherried Glenrothes as good as this. Cranberry, dark chocolate, raisins and orange marmalade, but also tobacco leaves, cherry syrup and some cracked black peppercorn and cloves. Oh, and some coffee grinds too. Very civilised yet bold and rich.
Finish: Slightly dry, even more chocolate. Long. You get the gist.

It certainly is not unlike those über intense young Glenrothes from Adelphi, which indeed would've been around 15-years had they stayed in the cask. I'm just very happy to finally taste another Glenrothes that reminds me of a few excellent ones from 5+ years ago. The price is actually pretty decent too.

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