Glenmorangie Signet

Thank god I didn’t look up the Signet on Glenmorangie’s website before I tasted it, because the marketing blabla describing this whisky is almost off-putting. This is how it starts:

“A fusion of unique and rare elements, and clouded in secrecy, Signet is the culmination of a lifetime’s experience.”

It only took them one sentence to lose me. But I read on anyway. Luckily it does get a little bit better, but there aren’t many details about the make-up of the Signet. What we do get to know is that a percentage of the whisky used for the Signet is over 30 years old. And that they used ‘designer casks’ (I just threw up in my mouth a bit, sorry about that) made from American white oak.

Okay, let’s put an end to this nonsense. Time for the tasting notes.

Glenmorangie Signet (46%, OB)

Nose: Oranges, lemons, peach and raisins, followed by milk chocolate and brown sugar. Some mild spices, cinnamon among others. The nose has subtle sherried touch, but it remains very fresh and light. Proper stuff this.
Taste: Dates, plums and licorice, with some chocolate as well. The palate has heavier flavours than the nose. Pretty spicy as well with cloves, some pepper and nutmeg.
Finish: Pear, oranges and chocolate. Nice and long.

Rating: 88

This is actually a very good whisky. Plenty of depth and richness of flavours. A nice and long finish. The price is a bit steep at 130/140 euro’s. If Glenmorangie would spend a little less money on marketing and packaging, they could probably offer it for under 100 euro, which would be a more fair price.

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