Glenmorangie quarter century

Glenmorangie Quarter Century

It is always good to taste whiskies blind every once in a while, just to be reminded what it is like to taste something without being biased. A whisky friend send me three blind samples not too long ago, of which todays Glenmorangie Quarter Century was one. A luxury whisky if there ever was one. The problem with these kind of whiskies is that you often get blinded by the glitter and the glamour, and that your willing yourself to make it taste better than it actually does. Because it must be a great whisky right? Well, that description certainly doesn’t fit the Quarter Century, if you ask me.

Glenmorangie Quarter Century (43%, OB)

Nose: First I get lemongrass and some soft banana, with apples and an assortment of green fruits. It has a subtle waxy quality, and some sweetness in the form of cotton candy. In the background there are malt, cereals, a faint dustiness and a hint of glue.
Taste: An oily and soft palate with apples, oranges and other citrus fruits like pink grapefruit, which makes it slightly bitter. Some mild spices and maybe a little bit of mint. The flavors are a bit subdued, even after letting it breath for some time.
Finish: Medium in length with the same flavors returning, along with some tannins.

Rating: 83

When I was tasting this I was thinking to myself: ‘This would make for a good everyday dram’. I was shocked to find out it was the Glenmorangie Quarter Century, which will set you back 300 euro. This is not worth its very high price.

Special thanks to Geert and his generosity to share this sample with me.

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