Glenmorangie Dornoch 2015

Glenmorangie Dornoch (2015)

Famous for finishing pretty much every whisky they ever put out, Glenmorangie often releases whisky with a name instead of age statement. My apologies for beginning this review with such a bummer, but it does pretty much sum up what Glenmorangie does.

One of those no age statement, yet fancy named whiskies is the Glenmorangie Dornoch, which was released in 2015 as a Travel Retail Exclusive, but is now available almost everywhere. After maturing in American oak barrels for an undisclosed amount of time, the whisky received a finish in ex-Amontillado sherry casks for an undisclosed amount of time. Ugh, I’m sorry, I’m getting bitter at my young age.

Glenmorangie Dornoch (43%, OB, 2015)

Nose: Extremely light with orchard fruits such as apples and stewed pears taking centre stage. But also ripe green grapes, with a fairly grassy touch. Finally a whiff of honey and oak.
Taste: There’s hazelnut here, accompanied by some caramel and sugar cubes, with just a tiny bit of bitter oranges. Less fruity than the nose suggest, and more spicy, but the grassiness does make an encore.
Finish: Bitter lemongrass. Short in length.

Rating: 79

A perfectly average whisky. I’m trying to think of more to say here, but this is it. Honestly.

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