Glenlivet 1996/2015 Signatory Vintage

Time to review a proper sherry matured Glenlivet. And no, I don’t mean the Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso, remember I said proper? I’m talking about a 19 year old Glenlivet from a first-fill oloroso sherry butt. I bet you’re interested now! This one comes from the vast stocks of Signatory Vintage, and was bottled for their German importer, Kirsch Whisky.

Glenlivet 1996/2015 (50,4%, Signatory Vintage for Kirsch Whisky Import, C#83263)

Nose: This is sherried alright. Cherry syrup, coffee powder, cinnamon and balsamic vinegar. Some brown sugar as well. Surprisingly no sulphur at all, which is what I’ve somehow come to expect from heavily sherried releases for the German market.
Taste: Some cherry syrup followed by a quick hit of cloves. Then mocha, cappuccino and bitter espresso followed by a hint of rum soaked raisins.
Finish: More of the same (which is a good thing) with a touch of mint. Medium to long in length.

Rating: 88

Heavily sherried, but still not over the top (although some might disagree). That’s a delicate balance to achieve. If I have some criticism, is that with casks like these the spirit almost doesn’t matter, the outcome probably had been the same had this cask been filled with say, Glen Grant.


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